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Any lacrosse player with aspirations to play lacrosse in college will quickly realize how daunting the process is.  Whether a student-athlete is a top recruit in the country, or someone who is still working hard at their skills and has goals of playing at the next level, we’re able to help our clients with our College Recruiting Consultation Sessions.  Athletes United Lacrosse has sent over 50 players to play NCAA lacrosse in college, with almost 100 more current recruits in our program.  

Our college recruiting sessions are broken down into four main facets:  Recruiting Profile Maximization, School Identification, Organization, and Coach Outreach.


Recruiting profiles are so incredibly important in the college lacrosse recruiting process today.  A player with dreams and goals of playing college lacrosse needs to understand just how many other student-athletes share the same goals as them.  For that reason, the Athletes United Lacrosse Staff works to make sure that recruiting profiles of our players covers everything from making it clear as day what type of student they are, what they volunteer in, their highlights, but (most importantly), what their coaches and peers say about them.  Endorsements are one of the main pieces of the recruiting profile as the lacrosse community is so tight-knit.


Helping student-athletes to understand how many options there are to play lacrosse in college is another main facet of our recruiting consultation calls.  With over 400 NCAA lacrosse programs and countless club programs, our staff makes it a point to help our players identify schools which best fit their goals and skill levels.  To date, we’ve had over 50% of our student-athletes who went on to play in college commit to a school in which they had not heard of when starting the recruiting process with Athletes United.


Organization plays a huge role in the college lacrosse recruiting process.  We have a spreadsheet created by Athletes United Lacrosse that we share with the student-athlete and their families to keep the players on track.  These sheets include a list of their favorite schools as well as schools that show interest in them, all while ranking them and including all of the pertinent information on each school.  We also help the lacrosse player  to set up a recruiting-only email so that nothing ever slips through the cracks from college coaches.


Lastly, a focus of our college lacrosse recruiting sessions is the actual outreach to coaches.  We have sent thousands of emails to college coaches, and we are able to track what is opened, along with whose profile is actually clicked on.  We know exactly what scripts to use to give our players the best chance of getting through to a coach.  As a company that specializes in private lacrosse lessons and private training, college coaches constantly reach out to Athletes United Lacrosse to ask questions and receive full evaluations of the student-athletes we work with.


It should be noted that we at Athletes United Lacrosse understand that we are on the front lines with consulting our student-athletes and their families to make one of the hardest yet exciting decisions of their lives.  We do not hold this responsibility lightly.  We treat the players that trust us with being a part of this process the same way we would our own recruiting process.  We weigh every option when it comes to playing lacrosse at the next level, and that comes with doing our homework on the player we are working with.  We make sure to fully understand the player’s goals, their appetite for certain aspects of being a student-athletes in college, and their capacity to take on challenges.  Far too often coaches will push players toward making a decision based solely on success on the lacrosse field.  This has never been our model at Athletes United Lacrosse and we have had great success with helping student-athletes to pick a school that they love, succeed on the lacrosse field, and graduate on time from.  

Parents of the student-athletes that we assist in the recruiting process rarely have experience of being recruited to play a sport in college, let alone lacrosse.  Even if they have gotten recruited to play, the process has changed so much in the last few years that they lean on us as expert consultants to help along the process and guide them throughout.  It’s easy to jump at the first school to show interest, but we constantly preach patience and analysis of any school that shows interest.  We also encourage our student-athletes to research every school that shows interest, as many schools come out of the woodwork and may have never been on the player’s radar before.  


No one goes to bat more for their players than our staff at Athletes United Lacrosse.  When we are lucky enough to speak with a college coach who has shown interest in one of our players, we are able to give a full evaluation on them that is different from many of their other coaches.  We get to know our players on a personal level, completely different from their high school coaches and college coaches.  We get to know these players inside and out by working with them on their game tirelessly and knowing deep down who they are.  Seeing stats and the Xs and Os is great, but when we are able to explain to a college coach just how driven and dedicated a player is, we have realized it goes a long way.  Of course, we’re always giving a completely honest evaluation of a player, and part of our duty to our players, their families, and the coaches who reach out is to hold our honesty and integrity at the highest level.

Our favorite fact to date at Athletes United Lacrosse is that we have never once had a player who started with our recruiting consultation sessions not go on to play lacrosse in college if they desired to.  Being able to support our players’ dreams and goals is one of our favorite aspects of what we have built as the top lacrosse training group.  

The lacrosse community is one like no other. Lacrosse has a way of connecting its players, coaches, and fans in a way that other sports will never compare to. Athletes United Lacrosse Training has harnessed the power of the lacrosse community to connect the best lacrosse trainers with student athletes who want to continue to build their games up to the next level. Athletes United started with one player who wanted to improve their game, and in the past 9 years over 1,000 student athletes have been trained by the Athletes United Lacrosse staff.

There are 2 main goals with every lacrosse lesson that our training staff aims to accomplish during our time: Identify weaknesses in our student-athlete’s game, and recognize their strong suits. Our focus is just as much on fine-tuning the parts of our player’s that need improvement as it is doubling-down on what our student-athletes do well.

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