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The lacrosse community is one like no other. Lacrosse has a way of connecting its players, coaches, and fans in a way that other sports will never compare to. Athletes United Lacrosse Training has harnessed the power of the lacrosse community to connect the best lacrosse trainers with student athletes who want to continue to build their games up to the next level. Athletes United started with one player who wanted to improve their game, and in the past 9 years over 1,000 student athletes have been trained by the Athletes United Lacrosse staff.

Our offensive sessions are very much focused on shooting, footwork, lacrosse IQ, dodging, off-ball movement, and passing.  We believe in an approach where our players will always have a solution to what they are seeing on the field in front of them. By training our players in a one-on-one or small group setting, we are able to talk through different scenarios and help our players to feel comfortable whenever the ball is in their stick.

Defensive sessions are extremely geared towards various lacrosse IQ scenarios, footwork, stickwork, and positioning.  Our defensive coaches make sure to thoroughly explain the different approaches on the field, as well as how to position themselves based on different game situations.  Our staff knows that defense is by far the most difficult position to play and to train, so we break down the game to the smallest parts of it.

Our goalie sessions are broken down to the very foundation of playing the position.  With a focus on footwork, hand-eye coordination, positioning, and stickwork, our goalie coaches make sure to make our goalies feel comfortable no matter what the situation is in front of them.  The Athletes United Lacrosse staff also focuses on communication with our goalies as it is such a huge part of the success of a goalie and the entire defense.

Our FOGO sessions take into consideration every contributing factor to success at the Faceoff X. That includes core strength, grip strength, balance, footwork, technique, and hand speed. We put our faceoff guys in the best possible position by not only improving position specific strength and footwork, but also by teaching them the best possible approach to every possible scenario after the whistle blows. 

Our college recruiting sessions are broken down into four main facets:  Recruiting Profile Maximization, School Identification, Organization, and Coach Outreach. Our strategy is geared for success across all levels of college lacrosse, DI, DII, and DIII.

Recruiting profiles are so incredibly important in the college lacrosse recruiting process today.  A player with dreams and goals of playing college lacrosse needs to understand just how many other student-athletes share the same goals as them.  For that reason, the Athletes United Lacrosse Staff works to make sure that recruiting profiles of our players covers everything from making it clear as day what type of student they are, what they volunteer in, their highlights, but (most importantly), what their coaches and peers say about them.  Endorsements are one of the main pieces of the recruiting profile as the lacrosse community is so tight-knit. 

Helping student-athletes to understand how many options there are to play lacrosse in college is another main facet of our recruiting consultation calls.  With over 400 NCAA lacrosse programs and countless club programs, our staff makes it a point to help our players identify schools which best fit their goals and skill levels.  To date, we’ve had over 50% of our student-athletes who went on to play in college commit to a school in which they had not heard of when starting the recruiting process with Athletes United. 

Organization plays a huge role in the college lacrosse recruiting process.  We have a spreadsheet created by Athletes United Lacrosse that we share with the student-athlete and their families to keep the players on track.  These sheets include a list of their favorite schools as well as schools that show interest in them, all while ranking them and including all of the pertinent information on each school.  We also help the lacrosse player  to set up a recruiting-only email so that nothing ever slips through the cracks from college coaches.

Lastly, a focus of our college lacrosse recruiting sessions is the actual outreach to coaches.  We have sent thousands of emails to college coaches, and we are able to track what is opened, along with whose profile is actually clicked on.  We know exactly what scripts to use to give our players the best chance of getting through to a coach.  As a company that specializes in private lacrosse lessons and private training, college coaches constantly reach out to Athletes United Lacrosse to ask questions and receive full evaluations of the student-athletes we work with. 

The game of lacrosse has evolved over the years to where lacrosse players need to have the long term stamina of an olympic swimmer or soccer player, bursts of speed like a hockey player or sprinter, and power of a football running back or lineman.  As we have seen the sport change, we’ve progressed with it.  Athletes United Lacrosse has an entire arm of our business dedicated to getting our student-athletes into the best playing shape possible.  This includes our dedicated strength training program and our conditioning program as well.

Unlike many strength programs, ours are created specific to the individual. We understand success comes in all shapes and sizes and no two players are the same. Before creating a regimen, we outline your goals as a player, and structure your fitness plan to meet those goals.

Slow progress beats no progress. When it comes to strength and conditioning, results don’t happen overnight. To keep track of the steady progress, we start every program off with baseline testing, to track improvements across all aspects of training.

After consulting with top coaches across the nation, we’ve gained insight and tactics from top DI and DIII strength & conditioning programs, so that we hone our programs specifically to each player, for maximum results.

There’s an age-old saying that showing up is just half the battle. At Athletes United, we make sure you do. With a network of over 4000 followers and 100+ actively training players, there’s more than enough motivation to get your work done. If that’s not enough, or coaches will be checking in weekly, and available 24/7.