The lacrosse community is one like no other. Lacrosse has a way of connecting its players, coaches, and fans in a way that other sports will never compare to. Athletes United Lacrosse Training has harnessed the power of the lacrosse community to connect the best lacrosse trainers with student athletes who want to continue to build their games up to the next level. Athletes United started with one player who wanted to improve their game, and in the past 9 years over 1,000 student athletes have been trained by the Athletes United Lacrosse staff.

There are 2 main goals with every lacrosse lesson that our training staff aims to accomplish during our time: Identify weaknesses in our student-athlete’s game, and recognize their strong suits. Our focus is just as much on fine-tuning the parts of our player’s that need improvement as it is doubling-down on what our student-athletes do well.

Athletes United Lacrosse Private Training
College Recruiting Help for Lacrosse

Any lacrosse player with aspirations to play lacrosse in college will quickly realize how daunting the process is.  Whether a student-athlete is a top recruit in the country, or someone who is still working hard at their skills and has goals of playing at the next level, we’re able to help our clients with our College Recruiting Consultation Sessions.  Athletes United Lacrosse has sent over 50 players to play NCAA lacrosse in college, with almost 100 more current recruits in our program.  

Our college recruiting sessions are broken down into four main facets:  Recruiting Profile Maximization, School Identification, Organization, and Coach Outreach.

The game of lacrosse has evolved over the years to where lacrosse players need to have the long term stamina of an olympic swimmer or soccer player, bursts of speed like a hockey player or sprinter, and power of a football running back or lineman.  As we have seen the sport change, we’ve progressed with it.  Athletes United Lacrosse has an entire arm of our business dedicated to getting our student-athletes into the best playing shape possible.  This includes our dedicated strength training program and our conditioning program as well.

The Athletes United Lacrosse Strength Program was built by our staff in conjunction with NCAA Division 1 strength coaches from multiple lacrosse and football programs.  The Athletes United Strength Program has been developed to target the training market of any athlete looking to enhance his or her overall performance on the field by learning the proper functions and techniques through strength training. Using this program in addition to proper nutrition can help you obtain the best results.