The lacrosse community is one like no other. Lacrosse has a way of connecting its players, coaches, and fans in a way that other sports will never compare to. Athletes United Lacrosse Training has harnessed the power of the lacrosse community to connect the best lacrosse trainers with student athletes who want to continue to build their games up to the next level. Athletes United started with one player who wanted to improve their game, and in the past 9 years over 1,000 student athletes have been trained by the Athletes United Lacrosse staff.

There are 2 main goals with every lacrosse lesson that our training staff aims to accomplish during our time: Identify weaknesses in our student-athlete’s game, and recognize their strong suits. Our focus is just as much on fine-tuning the parts of our player’s that need improvement as it is doubling-down on what our student-athletes do well.

Athletes United Lacrosse Private Training


Athletes United Lacrosse Training has successfully taken experienced players, intermediate players, and complete beginners all across South Jersey and helped them to find more success on the lacrosse field.  We train both boys and girls of all skill levels and positions.  We always make sure to match our student-athletes with the coach that best fits their needs. If you’re in the South Jersey area we have you covered.


Our offensive sessions are very much focused on shooting, footwork, dodging, lacrosse IQ, off-ball movement, and passing.  We believe in an approach where our players will always have a solution to what they are seeing on the field in front of them. By training our players in a one-on-one or small group setting, we are able to talk through different scenarios and help our players to feel comfortable whenever the ball is in their stick.

One of our biggest points of emphasis offensively is with our attack and midfield shooting. Our players’ shooting mechanics are broken down and compared to other sports constantly, which is why we love working with multi-sport athletes so much.  By recognizing the different pieces that go into successful lacrosse shots, we help our student-athletes to add variety, speed, and accuracy to their shots.  Most players who come to train with Athletes United Lacrosse see an improvement in their shooting on their very first day.  By leveling the shoulders, engaging the hips, focusing on the release point, and emphasizing the follow through, we constantly build our attack and midfielder’s confidence by adding more tools to their shooting.

Footwork is a meticulous piece to an offensive player’s success on the field as well.  From the shooting aspect, making sure that time and room shots include just as much footwork as it does upper-body torsion is an emphasis no matter where on the field we are shooting from.  Stepping into a shot correctly and aligning our feet to where we want to shoot are just two ways that we incorporate footwork into the shot.  From a standpoint of setting up either a dodge or a shot, we always teach ways to make our defender uncomfortable by taking them out of “easy to slide to” areas.  We drag our defenders to different positions on the field that we know they wont be used to, coming in from different angles than the usual dodge.  Besides the setup, we have drills that we incorporate into our training sessions to increase our players’ agility when moving both with and without the ball.  Athletes United Lacrosse’s student-athletes break down their defenders  using the different footwork concepts we cover.

Dodging with Athletes United is all about angles and patience.  We constantly preach to our players to set up, dodge, and re-dodge if our initial move doesn’t beat our defender.  Our attackmen and midfielders know that regardless of where they are on the field, their dodge has a far better chance of succeeding if they start the dodge on an uncomfortable angle for their defender, incorporate a multi-step dodge, and stay patient before throwing a bad pass or taking a premature shot.


Defensive sessions are extremely geared towards various lacrosse IQ scenarios, footwork, stickwork, and positioning.  Our defensive coaches make sure to thoroughly explain the different approaches on the field, as well as how to position themselves based on different game situations.  Our staff knows that defense is by far the most difficult position to play and to train, so we break down the game to the smallest parts of it.

Almost half of our time spent with defenders covers IQ and situational awareness.  Defenders in lacrosse need to understand how to react to different situations on the field.  Being able to make the right decisions both on-ball and off-ball are key to a great defender or long stick midfielder’s success.  Far too often, defenders train their footwork and stickwork to a point of major improvement, but then still end up struggling because of the lack of time put forward towards their positioning and IQ development.   When a student-athletes comes on with Athletes United Lacrosse for private training, we assure that is never the case.


Our goalie sessions are broken down to the very foundation of playing the position.  With a focus on footwork, hand-eye coordination, positioning, and stickwork, our goalie coaches make sure to make our goalies feel comfortable no matter what the situation is in front of them.  The Athletes United Lacrosse staff also focuses on communication with our goalies as it is such a huge part of the success of a goalie and the entire defense.

Goalies should know that when they train with Athletes United Lacrosse that they will see a ton of high quality and realistic shots during their private lacrosse lessons.  Our approach is volume-heavy where we make adjustments based on how goalies react to game-like shots, unlike many other academy approaches.  We want our goalies seeing hundreds of shots during their private training sessions.


Our FOGO sessions take into consideration every contributing factor to success at the Faceoff X. That includes core strength, grip strength, balance, footwork, technique, and hand speed. We put our faceoff guys in the best possible position by not only improving position specific strength and footwork, but also by teaching them the best possible approach to every possible scenario after the whistle blows. 

With all of the clinics and faceoff academy’s popping up across the country, private lacrosse training for FOGO’s is often overlooked. But believe it or not, for FOGOs serious about getting to the next level, private lessons prevail. 

At Athletes United we value all factors that contribute to a successful faceoff i.e. footwork, balance, core strength, and hand-speed. After analyzing and breaking down a faceoff guys mechanics, we cater our programs and drills to their weaknesses, whether it be strengthening their core, improving clamp speed, or something else. There is always room for improvement.

Athletes United Lacrosse Training has successfully taken experienced players, intermediate players, and complete beginners and helped them to find more success on the lacrosse field.  We train both boys and girls of all skill levels and positions.  We always make sure to match our student-athletes with the coach that best fits their needs.

College Recruiting Help for Lacrosse

Any lacrosse player with aspirations to play lacrosse in college will quickly realize how daunting the process is.  Whether a student-athlete is a top recruit in the country, or someone who is still working hard at their skills and has goals of playing at the next level, we’re able to help our clients with our College Recruiting Consultation Sessions.  Athletes United Lacrosse has sent over 50 players to play NCAA lacrosse in college, with almost 100 more current recruits in our program.  

Our college recruiting sessions are broken down into four main facets:  Recruiting Profile Maximization, School Identification, Organization, and Coach Outreach.

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